A big night

So here we are, side by side in bed at one in the morning. Lena is sound asleep next to me. I however have been wide awake for over two hours because I’m incredibly fucking horny for her. We are just a few nights away from our special anniversary. Last year we had a pretty fun evening and this year I can’t wait to top it. This year we won’t be utilizing anything so convenient as a futon or bed. I’m going to make use of your office.

First I’m going to blindfold you and lock you in a nearby bedroom while I prepare the office. I’ll lay out some foam pads so our knees won’t get rugburned. I’ll grab a broom and at least three long rubber strips. I’ll bring my belt, a couple of vibrators and dildos, some lube and your beaded toy.

I’m going to make sure you’re wearing your low cut green t shirt and panties and nothing else. When the time is right I’ll tie your wrists behind your back and march you into the office. If I can improvise some nipple clamps out of clothespins I’ll make sure to pull you gently by a string attached to those clamps.

Once you’re in the office that’s when the fun begins. I’ll remove your wrist restraints…for a little while. I’ll tell you to lean over your desk and hold onto the shelf on the wall. If you move your hands off the shelf your ass will get smacked hard with the belt. You are my slut for the night and you’ll do as you’re told. I’ll spend the next few minutes warming you up; kissing the back of your neck and caressing your inner thighs. I’ll make sure to pull your green t shirt down, exposing your tits for me to fondle and tug. Don’t move.

At your feet will be the broom. There will be to rubber strips tied to the handle at two points. We done have a spreader bar but I’ve wanted to try one out. I’ll have to improvise. The handle will go behind your ankles and I’ll use the strips to make sure your legs stay apart like the good slut you are.

Next I’ll bring out your beaded toy. I’ll rub along the underside of your chin and across your breasts. “Do you know what this is?” Of course you do. There’s been a bit of a problem with your asshole lately. But the biggest problem is that my cock hasn’t been in it nearly enough to my satisfaction. Don’t worry, though. After thoroughly lubing up the tip I’ll slowly slide the first three or four beads into your tight, sensitive little ass. Not too much of course. Just enough to tease. The remainder of the toy will have to stay wedged in your panties.

Anonymous asked:

Are you going to post more soon?

Yes, we’ll certainly post more but we’re not sure how soon.  The realities of making time for sex and photography are setting in.  It’s difficult to make that time when you’ve also got to make time for work and family.